Danone vs Nestle

Battle is finished. The winner is Nestle!

The brands battle - Danone
The brands battle - Nestle

The food product wars

Leaders in fresh dairy products

Danone is a multinational corporation, manufacturing food products and bottled water. It is a French corporation founded in 1919 at Barcelona, Spain. The basic products manufactured are baby food, dairy products and packaged water. By the end of 2010 it had a total of 101,000 employees. Its headquarters are at Boulevard Haussmann, 9th arrondissement, Paris, France. It has many joint ventures and subsidiaries throughout the world in bottled water. 

  Danone vs Nestle

Variety of Products

Danone manufactures a variety of products all across the globe. The different products are, bottled water, cereals, biscuits, beverages and dairy products. It also manufactures very famous yogurt and yogurt products. Some of its products are Crush yogurt, Royal Numico baby food, Activia and many others.

Mineral Water

Danone specializes in packaged and bottled drinking water. Danone has the ownership of a number of bottled water brands throughout the world. They are the leading vendors of packaged water in Asia. It owns Yili, Aqua, Robust and 51% stake in China’s Wahaha joint venture company. 

Advanced Medical Nutrition

Danone acquired Royal Numico and this involved the acquisition of SHS international as well. Danone manufactures Ketocal for a ketogenic diet, Neocate for the management of allergy from cow milk and Alicalm for the management of Crohn’s disease.


A Global Business Game known as “TRUST” is organized by Group Danone and its subsidiaries. It is a medium through which possible future employees are employed by Danone. The three qualities put to test are resourcefulness, analytical and problem solving skills. The final stage of this game is held in Paris and competitors fight each other face to face.

The Danone Institute

In 1997, Danone started an institute called the Danone Institute International. This is a nonprofit enterprise and works on the funds by the company itself. The company also instituted a prize of 120,000 called the Danone International Prize for Nutrition. This prize is given away every second year to a particular individual or team that contributed greatly to the science of human nutrition.

World’s Dairy and Food Giant

Nestle S.A. is the largest nutrition and food products company in the entire world. It was founded by Henri Nestle in 1866 at Vevey, Switzerland and it has its headquarters there as well. It serves customers worldwide and employs about 2, 81, 000 employees. The company has its presence in 86 countries.

  Danone vs Nestle

Nestlé’s different products

Nestle has not just one or two but 6000 brands operating under it. The various products are as follows: beverages, ice cream, milk, coffee, bottled water, confectionary, milkshakes, soups and sauces, seasonings, breakfast cereals, performance and healthcare nutrition, infant food, refrigerated food, pet and frozen food.

Huge Partners

Nescafe has about 26% shares in L’Oreal which is the largest cosmetics brand in the World. Nescafe is also in joint ventures with Coca-Cola as the beverage partner, General Mills as the Cereal partner and Fonterra as the dairy partner.

Nutritional Information

Nestle provides all kinds of nutritional statistics and information to its customers. This information is also available on the net on the official nestle page. Nestle also participates in a global, national and local nutrition information and education program. The Nestle Nutritional Compass is present on all nestle packages.

The Good Cause

Nestle also works for the good cause of the Earth and its people. International Red Cross and Nestle are in a partnership to work for and prevent the HIV Aids crisis in Africa. Thus nestle also works for a good cause and for no monetary profits.

The Nescafe Plan

An initiative, taken by Nestle globally, links and brings all Nestle commitments under one banner and umbrella. This plan promises to bring the best and the healthiest cup of coffee to its consumers by utilizing techniques like responsible production, farming and consumption. This plan promises to bring coffee to its consumers without causing any environmental damage. 

Thus both these dairy and food product brands are world leaders and good in their own respect.

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Dec 15, 2011
Shubham Jain: looool Wait while yogurt send you reply :)))
Dec 12, 2011
by jainik shah from Google
nestle .............
Dec 12, 2011
im hearing this Danone for the first time......:D
Dec 11, 2011
Its the milky bar kid NESTLE IS BEST
Dec 10, 2011
Danone is a brand of yogurts in my country portugal is a lot of them and they are goods but i prefeer nestle
Dec 10, 2011
by Sobhan Sarkar from Google
I think that's a unfair big battle.Even we don't hear about Danone.
Dec 10, 2011
Dear Danone, Who are you :D
Dec 10, 2011
i dont even know Danone
Dec 10, 2011
by Nathan Babici from Google
Nestle es el mejor!
Dec 10, 2011
nestle obviously