Maradona vs Pele

Battle is finished. The winner is Pele!

The brands battle - Maradona
The brands battle - Pele

Football masters whose success won’t be repeated ever

Edson Arantes do Nascimento or Pele and Diego Armando Maradona have been honored by FIFA awards as officially the greatest players ever. The both football players are exceptional and there is no one who could repeat their achievements. They are living evidences of unbelievable mastery, skill and extraordinary abilities. They proved that man has no limits and that it is matter of desire, work and persistence. Although the both players are undisputedly known to be the greatest footballers, a long-lasting debate over who was better still exists.

 Maradona vs PelePele is Brazilian national hero and authoritative football game ambassador. He scored the greatest number of goals ever. Having grown up in poverty, Pele dedicated his 1,000 career goal to poor children from the slums of Brazil. The other football player Maradona is known for his incredible skills and unbelievable achievements in the game. He received numerous trophies playing in Boca Juniors, Napoli and Barcelona. He won 91 cups only for his country and scored 34 goals in matches with the competitors. A well-known legendary goal was scored in the game against England. Maradona run solo over the field and did what no one before him and after him was able to repeat. It was called the Goal of the Century during debates conducted by FIFA in 2002.

 Pele is known as player with the largest number of scores for his country. His record is 77 goals during 92 cups. What is more, he is the only player in the history who played in three teams that won World Cup. Being 15-year old, he began his smashing career in Santos Futebol Clube. The next year he played for Brazil and at the age of 17 he won his first Word Cup. Although incredibly great offers from the richest football clubs of Europe covered him as avalanche, he remained with his club for two decades. Only in 1975 he transferred to New York Cosmos. Over his career Pele proved to be a real goal scoring machine! He managed to make 1,265 goals for Santos in 1,345 games. It is an astonishing result!

  Maradona vs PeleLike Pele, Maradona also stayed loyal to his team and played for Argentina during dour World Cup games. In 1986 he led his team to success by scoring the winning goals. He also received the Golden Ball Award as the best player of the tournament. Although Maradona is a proclaimed the best player, his life was not as cloudless as it may seem. Cocaine addiction almost cost him career and life. In 1991 he was banned from playing for 15 months because of drug test failure. The next time, in 1994 during the World Cup, he was sent home for taking ephedrine.  After the retirements in 1997 he faced terrible health problems and had to fight with obesity and other diseases. This was the reason why he came back to cocaine. However, he managed to fight addiction and switched to hosting television program in Argentina.

 While Pele had an incredible vision for goal and deadly strike force, Maradona could run the ball all over the stadium being one against the whole team and score the goal. Do you think you can choose the best player? Try.

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