Easter Island Moai Statues vs Stonehenge

Battle is finished. The winner is Stonehenge!

The brands battle - Easter Island Moai Statues
The brands battle - Stonehenge
Easter Island Moai Statues

Uncovered mystery of tremendous buildings

Breathtaking pieces of engineering that were creayed with only some simple technology, Stonehenge and Easter Island Moai Statues are unique and unbelievable interesting for people from all over the world. Visitors, scientists and archeologists from many centuries get into the eternal speculations about what could have fostered our ancestors to build them. The secrets are still uncovered but some progress has been made.

 Easter Island Moai Statues vs Stonehenge13 feet high human heads-on-torsos human statues on the Easter Island have puzzled ethnographers, archaeologists and tourists since 1722 when the first Europeans discovered the island. The natives call that statues “moai”. It is incredible that such distinctively shaped, made from the rough hardened volcanic ash statues could be made by people who have nothing to do with achievements of civilization. Who could undertake such tremendous and immense statue building effort? No records, data or facts help to figure out the story of this remote land and to understand what kind of people lived there and purpose of the 900 giant moai that make the skyline on the Easter Island.

 According to some archaeologists, the statues could be built to replicate some paramount chiefs. They were created not to commemorate particular people but to be representation of powerful and significant individuals. Also it is though that the moai were sacred statues for the people of the island.

 Their position between earth and sky makes them mediator between people and divine forces. They remind the average people of man’s ability to be more than simple as they are of tremendous size and seem to hold sky on their shoulders. And due to their proximity to the heaven they are considered to be sacred and divine.

 The mysteries of Stonehenge have not been discovered yet even with application of modern technologies and many minds thinking about its incredible creation of human hands. Over centuries people have speculated over what was the purpose and who have made the Stonehenge. Who could to do such a titanic job and to bring the stones to Salisbury Plain and why? There have been theories of the Stonehenge functioning as clock, calendar and even sacrificial altar.

 Easter Island Moai Statues vs StonehengeIt was though that Druids and Greeks could built the Stonehenge. Also aliens and Atlanteans were mentioned as possible builders. However, the recent excavation led by archaeologists from the BritishFalmouthUniversity has proved completely different theory. They say that a 4000-year-old Stonehenge was used as a place for healing.

 Apparently the Stonehenge was the temple of the Gods. The stones could have a magical curing power and they could heal the diseases. These stones were brought to that place from great distances because of their magical qualities. Stonehenge was a place of healing where people came to to get better. Interestingly that the temple predates the Celts and Druids. The Stonehenge dates back to the Stone Age and that is why there is no name for the people who built it. It is definitely that this was unorganized society who worshiped gods. 

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