Avon vs L'Oreal

Battle is finished. The winner is L'Oreal!

The brands battle - Avon
The brands battle - L'Oreal

Cosmetics that changes the world

Avon success is not only about product

The main concept which brings success to Avon is connected with distribution. It is not the unique and unbelievable product that they offer or incredible qualities of the goods. The key to great popularity of the company is in direct selling approach. 160.000 “Avon ladies” distribute Avon cosmetic. This method turned out to be unbelievably successful and extremely great. Although L’Oreal criticized Avon distributors as they look like something of a joke when act like door-to-door salesmen pretending to offer elegance and beauty. Nevertheless, the three weeks during which the sales cycle  takes place are extremely successful for the company.

Avon vs L'OrealThe first Avon Lady was a man

The method of selling which Avon introduced was indeed revolutionary. Initially, it was widely criticized but proved to be one of the most effective as face-to-face interaction and individual approach are the best keys to success in selling industry. At the dawn of the company’s development a young man David McConnell started going from home to home offering people hand creams and perfumes. Being 28 years old, he set up Avon Calling. However, selling Avon was not successful from the very beginning. It took a lot of effort for David to popularize it. One of the most effective methods was giving free products. Today the company is well-known in more than 100 countries of the world.

Avon has nothing to do with Shakespeare

Many people think that the name Avon is after the river Avon in Britain. As we know Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon town. There are talks that the company was named Avon because the founder was huge fan of William Shakespeare. In fact Avon was the name of David’s friend from California.

Is Avon a financial pyramid?

If to put apart structure of the Avon company it resembles a lot financial pyramid. There are certain ranks each of which gets percentage from the lower ones. The principle is pretty clear and it definitely has a lot to do with the financial pyramid.

Avon completely natural?

The company is launching campaign on use of natural ingredients and approaching its clients with the best products ever. They claim to use the cleanest and the most suited for the health technologies, however, it is extremely doubtful whether it is possible at all to manufacture such products. As we know, big scale of the business requires definitely immense use of modern technologies which help not only to preserve the creams and other cosmetics but to speed up production.

L’Oreal, Maybelline and Garnier are pretty the same!

In the great fight for the first place on the market of cosmetics L’Oreal launched incredibly successful and very smart strategy. They set up new brands and introduced them on the market as completely independent products. Such strategy brought unbelievable success to the company and made it a real leader on the market of elite cosmetics. They emphasized more on their status and made their brand not only the most desirable but the most appropriate for everyone who would like to boast of new lipstick or mascara. It is incredible how a skillfully thought marketing formula works for L’Oreal. Thanks to their branding strategy they are on the top of the market no matter what happens with the economy. While such company as Procter & Gamble Co. is suffering loses, L’Oreal is collecting unbelievable income.

Amazon poses hazard on L’Oreal

Internet technologies change the face of business nowadays. L’Oreal company is very strict about their retail system. They have special stores where the products are introduced and represented. However, such websites as Amazon.com where people buy and sell as many products as possible is likely to be extremely unfavorable for the company’s reputation. Although the company should keep up with the modern opportunities, there is great risk that the image of L’Oreal cosmetics will be blurred by the unprofessional approach of retailers on Amazon.com. That is why, the Internet market is still waiting for L’Oreal.

L’Oreal brilliant experiments

The company’s policy is mainly to produce the products which have national identity. Owen-Jones who is known as “O-J” has a long multinational background. He originates from Wales, got education at Oxford and Paris, his wife is Italian, and he has a French-born daughter. By starting his career from selling shampoo in Normandy, he spend most of his professional career outside Britain and France. That is why, his company is oriented at diversifying the cultural origins of the brands looking for national identity. One of the brightest examples is Maybelline New York. The company originally was from Memphis, Tenn. But it was decided to move the office to New York and to make it a solely American brand.

Avon vs L'OrealL’Oreal for women in science

The cosmetic company is supporting women in science via cooperation with UNESCO for identifying each year the most outstanding women scientist. Women are highly underrepresented and that is why they need support. The program has been working during 14 years and has praised thousands of women scientists.

L’Oreal foundation

The company is not only focused on cosmetics but also takes active participation in raising awareness about lack of education in poor countries. L’Oreal has actually set up foundation which helps to solve many social problems in the world.

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loreal wayyy better lol ppl
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"I like L'Oreal more than Avon"
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